Friday, May 27, 2011

Quilt As Desired

Quilt as desired - the most dreaded three words in quilters language.  I recently finished a quilt made for a family member going through a rough time. 

Although I started out as a traditional quilter, now days I prefer make up my own patterns and doing my on thing, but for comfort and supposed speed a traditional, follow the lines pattern was the way to go.  The pattern is Four Patch ladder from Quilterscache.

Or so I thought.  First I had trouble keeping the cream and blue blocks in the right order - every now and then a blue one would show up were a cream one should be and a cream on in a blue spot.  Finally got that under control and finished the whole quilt.  Put it up on the design wall and stood back to admire it - and found I had reversed one of the yellow half square triangles!  Fixed that and then on quilt as desired . . .

I usually free motion my quilts to a point they can almost stand on their own - works great for art and wall quilts, not so much for comfort.
I quilted in the ditch around the large squares and the blue triangles - but then struggled with the inside of the large squares.  This was my first attempt and I hated it.  So out came the stitches.

I then decided to do a free motion swirl instead - not completely satisfied but a great improvement. 

I think one thing I truly dislike about quilting a quilt like this is the marking.  I have had problems in the past removing markings, so tend to just wing it.  Not a great plan if you want things to be the same in every block or border.  I was watching The Quilt Show the other day and Ronda Beyer demoed how she marks using the Quilt Pounce. 

A tool I had but never really used.  Out it came to mark the borders and it worked.  I could see the lines and they were easy to remove. 


Maybe next time quilt as desired won't be as dreaded.

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