Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lots of Visitors to the Marsh

Last week was a busy week on the edge of the marsh - lots of visitors (even the dang deer - but they come at night when I can't take their pictures!)

This Great Blue Heron appeared at dawn and spent most of the day hunting the pond for fish and frogs.  He was great fun to watch as he walked from one end of the pond to the other - moving ever so slowly.

It has been quite a year for turtles as well.  I snapped this one sunning on the edge of the pond and later that day another appeared in the neighbors yard moving really fast. 

We couldn't figure out what is was up to at first until it reach the edge of the house where it proceeded to lay eggs!

Not sure if they will hatch - but will be on the lookout.

Of course the lizards are everywhere - and truly enjoy just hanging out.

The other frequent visitor is one I have been trying to out smart - a tree rat (also known as a squirrel.) I have tried hot pepper flakes, barriers, running out and shouting and my latest effort - the guard squirrel.  As you can see from the photo its just as successful as all the other techniques.

Oh well - back to the drawing board.

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