Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Free-Motion Quilting Challenge

End of the month - no excuses - just procrastination.  When I first read the June challenge by Cindy Needham, I was a little intimidated.  Her work is outstanding and such a lot of stitching in such a small area.  This is the type of quilting I am aspiring to master.

I used her divide and conquer method and started with a drawing.  I used different styles of paisley's as my inspiration plus some straight line fillers.

I then marked my muslin with a few significant lines - I hate to mark so I did not copy every line - just the ones I needed to keep myself orientated.

Then I quilted the divide and conquer lines with Superior's King Tut.  I wanted to make sure I would see these lines as I went.

Finally I quilted the other lines using Superior's So Fine.  I needed a very thin thread to work with as I knew I would be backtrack lots during this design.  I was surprised at how few starts and stops I had and how quickly it quilted up.  I need to work on my small circles - they are not very smooth and I think my poor machine needs a trip to the service technician for a little TLC as the stitches seem to be a little angled.  Most of all I am glad I got it finished in June (just).