Monday, July 31, 2017

At Long Last

It has been a long journey. 

It started with packing up my studio on the Marsh in February of 2015. Most of the rest of 2015 was spent finding and buying the farm, moving (and more moving), getting the space leveled and selecting a building. 2016 saw the building delivered, more moving, the start of finishing the interior and a just a little bit of creating around the mess. This year we finally finished the building and I have begun using it for its intended purpose - my quilt studio and the workshop for Pendle Alpacas. 

January 2015 - on a very, very cold day

We have actually been working in the space for a little over a month preparing for our first show as Pendle Alpacas, but it was still a bit chaotic. Only in the last few days have I been able to organize the space. There are still bins to go through and one wall is still acting as a storage building but - I am actually working on quilting again!

The studio to the left of the door

The wall opposite the door
The studio to the right of the door

The first project on the table is the 2018 raffle quilt for my new guild - Ashe County Piecemakers Quilt Guild.  I am also working on a new pattern for O Tannenbaum - the prairie point Christmas Tree I designed several years ago. Several other project are about to begin and I hope to share their stories here.

The garden outside the studio (please ignore the weeds!)

My marsh view is gone but my love of quilting remains.