Saturday, August 18, 2012

August Free-Motion Quilting Challenge

I am very proud to be posting this months challenge way before the end of the month!  I enjoyed Wendy Sheppard's work and liked the jester "hat" motif.  This month I just worked on muslin to get the technique down.

First I drew the hats with a blue wash out marker and then stitched it with variegated thread.  I wasn't terrible happy with my design - the hats didn't travel smoothly from one to another

Then I drew the hats with the Fleur de lis look. I liked some of the hats and others not so much.

Finally I just took a blank piece of muslin and started stitching.  I am still not terrible happy with all my hats but I felt like I was finally getting the hang of stitching another hat to move from spot to spot.  I can see myself using this as an all over design in a quilt.