Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Knitting - Wingspan

Along with teaching a few classes over the summer at Stitch n' Sew in beginning sewing and quilting, doing my free-motion quilting challenge, and working a few quilts and challenges, I have been knitting a shawl/scarf called Wingspan that I found on Ravelry.

I started working on this when I was in Raleigh for the Animazement convention with my daughter and it was a perfect pattern to work on while doing other stuff and being around other people.  Basically it is just knitting with short rows with an occasional cast on.

I used yarn from Brooks Farm in Lancaster, Texas that I picked up at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair last October.  It is an alpaca, wool and mohair mix.  Lovely yarn - only one problem - as I was getting near the final "wing" I could see that I would not have enough to finish.  I did the only sensible thing and knit faster - as if that would make the yarn go further.

I eked out the last few rows of the wing and managed to knit all the way across the scarf one time and then it was clear - I was out of yarn.  I needed to knit four more rows and bind off.  Not going to happen with this little tiny bit of yarn.

Luckily I remember having some left of yarn from some finger-less gloves I knit last year and dug into the stash.  It had a little purple in it but it was the best I had.  So the last four rows and the bind off were going to be in this yarn.

You can't even see the where one yarn stops and one ends.  Now if it would only cool down so I could wear it - not going to happen until October or November or maybe even December!

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