Monday, March 12, 2012

Quilt Show/Quilt Jewels

The last few weeks have been very busy - the biannual quilt show for my local guild, spring break for my kids, and teaching two classes.

The Cobblestone Quilters Guild Show was great fun - I had the opportunity to assist in the judging (holding up quilts for the most part) and it was a fascinating experience.  I really learned a lot from the comments the judge made on the various quilts entered in the show.

My two quilts, Work Out Buddy and Sunny Side Up did very well.

Work Out Buddy 
Work Out Buddy won a third place ribbon in the pictorial/landscape category.  The first and second place pieces also won a judges choice award and a best use of color award- so it was a tough category.

Sunny Side UP
Sunny Side Up received an honorable mention - in a very competitive art quilt group - every quilt in the group came home with a ribbon.

In addition to helping with the judging, set-up and white gloving for the show, I also had some of my work for sale in the boutique.  I made journals, Kneat Knits, and Quilt Jewels.  

Quilt Jewels (necklaces and pins) are a continuation of my series of work on how small can I piece without resorting to paper-piecing.  Work Out Buddy has one inch square pieces, Sunny Side Up has 1/2" pieces and the Quilt Jewels contain 1/4" pieces.

A Quilt Jewel Pin

A Quilt Jewel Necklace
For the necklaces, I am creating the cords using a knitting I-cord.  Its a great way to incorporate my long time love of quilting with my new love of knitting.

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