Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something New, Something Old

The something new is my socks - finished at last and worn today.

I had to get them finished or I might not have been able to wear them until next fall.  This is the mildest winter I think we have had since moving to Charleston.  Yesterday and today were both in the 70's and I saw a saucer magnolia in full bloom!  Although this is an early blooming tree (and often hit with frost) they don't usually start appearing until late March.  I wish I had a picture - it was gorgeous - but as I was driving at the time, photography was out of the question.

The something old is the demise of a well loved shirt.  Almost as old a my son (20 this April) and worn often, it was finally to thin to be worn again.  All that is left is the buttons.

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