Sunday, January 8, 2012

Irish Jig

I finally finished the quilt I will be teaching at Stitch n'Sew Fabrics starting next week.  This is a beginning quilting class and I start with the basics of fabric, tools, and getting that ever important 1/4" seam.  The class works through rotary cutting, piecing, borders, layering the quilt, very basic machine quilting, squaring up a quilt, binding and last but not least labels.

This quilt is a variation of an Irish Chain and was given its name based upon the focus fabric.

Irish Jig

I would have had this quilt done earlier but when my daughter was holding it up for me to to take pictures a few days ago - I realized that I had put the sleeve on the side!  Although this is a 42" square quilt and the position of the sleeve should not matter - with the vary directional fabric used in the border it did - a lot.  Music staffs look much better horizontal than vertically.

The quilting is very simple and is done with a regular foot and with the feed dogs up -

I have found that if you pin baste your quilt well that a walking foot is not always required for straight line quilting.  Also if you use gentle curves, a free motion or darning foot is also not needed.

I like to do special labels for all of my quilts, mostly printing them on fabric from my computer (my handwriting is not always legible). 

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