Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stocking Progress

With less than a week to go until Christmas Eve, I am making progress on my stocking.  I've been working on it so hard - that I wore out a needle this morning. 

To the Toe!

In addition to many hours of cross-stitching (this is the last piece I will ever do!), I also made six Christmas tree blocks for a exchange.  I wanted the trees to have some dimension so I used Heat n' Bond Ultra which will maintain a shape and does not require edge stitching.  I also painted the edges with Lumiere paint to add a bit of "snow".  My tree point was terrible - but that is the beauty of embellishments - you can hide a multitude of sins.

While working on the stocking I had two visitors to my bird tree.
A Great Blue heron

A Snowy Egret

I absolutely love my new camera.

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