Monday, November 10, 2014

It's A Mystery - the Quilting Version

It is a total mystery to me where the time has flown since my last blog post - written in July!  I have been busy - mostly on a Mystery Quilt for my quilt guild - Cobblestone Quilters.  I was in charge of our Quilter's Day Out program this year and put together three Saturday workshops.  The first,  an I-Spy baby quilt (no picture as it is not done and is a baby gift - for a little boy who will be going to college before I get it quilted), the second, a Bargello Christmas wall hanging

and the third, a mystery. 

I loosely based the design of the quilt on the short story written by Edgar Allen Poe - The Gold Bug.  Poe spent time here in the Lowcountry as a soldier and this story is set in the area.  The quilt clues where issued starting in May and just wrapped up.  I not only made the quilt out of yardage - as I wrote the clues for

 but I also made a scrappy version.

The blocks I used were Jewel Box, a version of Diamond Bar, and Double Cross.  The "Gold Bug" is the butterfly in the center of the quilt and the baskets are part of the logo for our guild.  All of the clues are available on the guilds website under the guild activities - Quilter's Day Out.

During the past month's I also taught several classes, finished a quilt for my 
Mother-in-law's birthday, knitted a ton and traveled to England for the first time in 10 years.

The only thing I didn't do was keep up my blog.      

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  1. come on - everyone is busy! Thanks for FINALLY doing an update. 2