Sunday, January 19, 2014

What Was I Thinking?

For the past week I have been working like mad on quilting my Quilt in a Box. Twelve unique blocks, eight setting triangles, four corners and one central block.

Twenty-five total.

I am using the border as the basis of my quilting design and spent many hours designing the main motif.  The half block sketch looks okay:

But it really starts to work when the other half is added:

By having the design touch the edge of the block in a couple of places it creates secondary designs.  One of the blocks that I have finished is the quarter circle block that I showed in the last post.  It now looks like this:

I really like where this is going but - - twenty-five blocks!  Thirteen are finished, six are marked (the most difficult part so far - finding a marker I can see has been a challenge because of the wide range of lights and darks I am working with) and ready to quilt.

Now just to Finish It!

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