Sunday, April 21, 2013

Starting to Quilt Marsh Isle

I am moving out of the hate phase of the love/hate relationship I general go through with a new quilt.  I always see a certain image in my mind and then struggle to get the fabric and thread to recreate what I envision.

Having decided to separate the log into bark and bare wood pieces has added to my struggles - of course I had not designed in any seam allowances and will need to cover awkward places were they didn't go back together well with strategically placed cattails and extra pieces of bark.

I have added my egret - who is actually a Great Egret and not a Snowy Egret as last reported.  Great Egret's have black feet and yellow beaks and Snowy Egret's have yellow feet and black beaks.

And I finally started machine quilting the piece - and had to pullout about an hours worth of work - the tension was terrible.  So the quilt has stalled for a bit.  I hope to spend some more time on the quilting this week and move back into at least the like phase.  I am once again linking up to Nina Marie Sayer's Off the Wall Friday and would love to have comments on my progress.

My bird tree continues to attract a wide variety of species - I think this Red-bellied Woodpecker has a nest in the tree as she has been seen going in and out of the hole in the tree numerous time over the past few days.

This Osprey brings his dinner by nearly every evening.

And these guys were just part of the flock of Turkey Vultures hanging around -

not every bird will inspire a quilt!

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  1. I really like this piece, love the combination of pieced background and applique and I think your log looks great. My only comment would be to get a bit more contrast by adding more "light values" maybe on the ground (water) below the log and even on the bare wood. Using lighter threads when quilting in those areas could work. Just a suggestion (and that may be your plan anyways). Also the cattails will make a big difference.