Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Free-Motion Quilting Challenge

For this months challenge I made a place mat for one my guild's (Cobblestone Quilters Guild) charities.  We have been making  place mats for our local Meals on Wheels.  I used Don Linn's method of transferring the stencil to my fabric, and I must say I really like this technique.  I have always hated marking quilts - but have found this to be fast, accurate, and easy.

Like Paula Reid I found that once I had enough space to the left and back of my machine, my free motion skills improved greatly.  I have a wonderful table that my husband cut a hole into so that my machine is level with the surface.  Unlike Paula, however I don't like to have the quilt sitting on my lap - probably has something to do with the heat in Charleston most of the year! I tend to "fluff" the whole quilt on the table.  I have machine quilted fairly large pieces this way.

After I quilted the center medallion, I then added small flowers in the corners and then practiced my echo quilting.  I need to work on the spacing of the echos.  They varied a little more than I would like.

The finished project:


  1. Wonderful work and placemats are a great way to try new techniques!

  2. This is lovely, Jennifer. I think your echoing looks great! I need to put my challenge pieces on something large enough that I can actually make something from it like you have. I'm always using a "just-barely-big-enough" practice sandwich. I love how you extended your design and made a functional piece!

    1. Thank you. I have lots of those practice sandwich in my studio as well - but it is nice to work on a practical piece every now and then