Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dogwood Road

I am going to be teaching my first class in a quilt shop this month!  I have taught at guild meetings here and in North Carolina - but this is my first multi-week course.  I am doing a five week class on beginning quilting. 

The quilt we are going to work on is a variation of a Jacob's Ladder quilt (thanks Sue for the recommendation - both to the shop and for the quilt pattern):

In the class I am going to teach selecting fabric, cutting fabric with a rotary cutter, machine piecing, quilt marking, machine quilting (the pattern is a very gentle curve that I did with a regular foot),


 binding, sleeves and labels.

The class is going to be on Tuesday evenings starting September 27th and will be at our new quilt shop in town Stitch n 'Sew Fabrics

I wanted to do a project that is doable in five weeks and that someone will end up with a finished project in the end (there will be homework in order to finished the quilt in the five weeks).  My first quilt took over twenty years to finish as it was to big and boring to finish any faster! 

I hope that this class will help bring more people into the art form I love.

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