Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have been working on this small art quilt started last year.  My friend Dotty taught our art quilt group - Art That Works -  a technique she learned at a class.  You start with a plain piece of black fabric and without a ruler cut into pieces.  You then use these pieces as templates for your quilt fabric.  I decided to use some Cherrywood fabric I had - mostly very small pieces - so ended up with lots of curved seams. 

Since the pieces were cut in a very free form way - they did not always fit together smoothly.  After I pieced it - I could not decide how to quilt it.  At first I planned to quilt it in sections horizontally - and used tracing paper to try out some various designs.  It was not exactly what I wanted.  The piece needed Texture - so each piece is quilted in a different design.  To keep continuity - I have used the same color thread in each of the vertical columns.  I have one more column to finish.

I like the way the thread seems to change color based upon the fabric it is on.  I have learned a lot of different quilting patterns - I am so done with stippling everything in sight!

Now to decide how to finish it.

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  1. Love love love the quilt!!! And congrats on the new blog.